day one.

hello world. it’s me, leah.

Here I am to share all my running, living, and loving adventures with you! I am really super excited to get started on this journey. For several months I have thought about blogging. After reading other running blogs I felt encouraged and ready to start. I have loved running for a long time. In high school I played soccer and so I logged many miles, bleacher sets at my school’s stadium, and laps around our neighborhood. When I went to college I would run now and then, but not really anything consistently. Towards my junior year I began to run more regularly again. A girl nearby my house was attacked and my parents said they did not feel safe with me running on my own. So I began the search for a running partner. After asking around, my friend Josh (who I knew through the gym and church)  mentioned he had a friend that ran cross country in high school and would probably be a good running partner for me. Luckily for me his friend, Adrian, just happened to be godly, totally adorable, and have dimples. That was in 2004 and by the end of 2005 I was magically in love. In December 2007 on an early morning run by the river Adrian got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. in my running clothes and ponytail I said “yes”!

fun run

We got married in March 2008, began graduated school in August 2009 and made the move to NOLA in August of 2010. We have been on again off again runners since we got married.  Since we both were in school and worked full time, we didn’t make plans to run and when we tried to be runners again we made it too hard. Before when we had run it was because we loved it and when we would try to start again we held ourselves to old goals and times. It was easy to be frustrated with our new  times and we gave up.

This past spring was our breaking point. We were tired of not running, of being out of shape, and we need to just commit. Adrian began running in early spring. He was working closer to 30 hours and I was working full time. When I would leave for work he would leave for his morning run. I hate to say it but I was so jealous of him and his morning run. I wanted a morning run. But you know how you get a morning run when you go to work at 8? You get up EARLY- I did NOT want to do this. This idea was not fun to me, it would mean getting up when the sun was still asleep and I was not excited about this plan. But after a few weeks of watching my husband leave for his run-I (semi) committed to getting my tail out of bed-even if the sun was still asleep. I would lay out my clothes the night before and set my alarm. Some days I made it and some days I did not.

Did I mention that this spring was CRAZY? As in way crazy. There was so much going on with school (I had Greek as one of my classes & let me just tell you that being in a sorority did not help me at all in this class).  Work was gearing up for a huge convention,  life was just really full of ministry, and other wonderful things. But running consistently was hard, really hard for me. So we decided that if I could just make it to the end of June then I would start to really really commit myself. I felt super good about this idea. One really great benefit of working around the clock for so many weeks was a killer bonus check. Adrian and I decided to take that money straight to Southern Runner ( and get fitted for new shoes.

ShoesOnce we had our new Brooks shoes we head a little down the road to Audubon Park to run their 1.8 mile loop. Running in new shoes will straight up make you feel like a rock star! I ran just over a mile that day and felt like a beast! After that day I was back. Since then I have ran in my first real race (a 2 miler at City Park) all the way up to my first half marathon this past October.  I will post on those races later.


I am so grateful to be running. I am grateful to the running community and how it has reached out and encouraged me already. I hope to encourage you on your journey!

Go and be a light,



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