Valentine’s Day-NOLA Style

Happy (almost) Valentine’s Day! I hope y’all are having a happy love filled day! Tomorrow I will  have class and work. But tomorrow night Adrian and I will celebrate our traditional Valentines- dinner from Whole Foods and playing Mario Kart. For Valentines we usually get one of their prepackaged meals. I am not sure if every Whole Foods does a prepackaged Valentines meal. But both of ours in New Orleans have them. Dinner for 2-usually has a salad, a side item, and a entree. You need to order this TODAY-trust me you will love it! Call your local store for details. Whole Foods also has beautiful flowers, wonderful soaps, and of course my favorite dessert ever-BERRY CHANTILLY CAKE! They also have a cute mini version just for V-day!


Another dinner option might be Dat Dog. Dat Dog is a personal favorite of ours. It is located on Freret Street and has a menu that will not disappoint. Think Ron Swanson’s Valentine’s dream come true! I get the beef dog with bacon, cheese, and onions. Adrian likes the Guinness dog and usually gets it dressed Chef special. They also have fries that are covered in ranch, bacon, and God’s love. This meal is not for the faint of heart, but you will leave totally in love with the place! Bonus: at night they have lights over the patio! (And you thought eating hot dogs could not be romantic.)  Side note: if you do eat here make sure the “other” meal you eat that day is light-so you can enjoy your meal! One last thing-it’s cash only here so make sure to grab some dough before you go 🙂


Now that you have your yummy dinner plans- you need a gift. Have you checked out Clover Boutique 504? Y’all they have some super amazing stuff! Not only is it really cute-it is also super affordable! Items range from $10-$20. Quick go and check it out! This is a win-win situation-fabulous jewels plus shopping local! Here are some of my favorites!

Classic Clover Chain Necklace

Classic Clover Chain Necklace

Baguette Side Cross Wrap Bracelet

Baguette Side Cross Wrap Bracelet

Spike Cone Pendant Neck

Spike Cone Pendant Necklace

Check out more of Clover’s amazing finds at

Now that you have dinner and an awesome gift you should check out some sights. Perhaps you would enjoy a stroll through Audubon Park. Or you may want to pack your Berry Chantilly cake and take a night time ride on a street car. Don’t forget that Morning Call is open in City Park now. It’s open 24hours and cash only. So if you both work the late shift or you are tight on funds you can still grab a cafe au lait and share some beignets.

None of the above sound good? You can always take in a movie at The Prytania- Les Miserables is showing or A Good Day to Die Hard is debuting tomorrow. There is so much to do and see in our city. And now that Mardi Gras and Super Bowl are over you don’t have to be worried about traffic! I hope y’all will have a very special Valentines! You are Loved!

go and be a light,


What are your plans for Valentines? Do you have any traditions?

Are you running on Valentines?

What is the best Valentine you have been given or have given to someone?



  1. Mary Margaret · February 23, 2013

    Let it be said that my whole foods doesn’t carry Berry Chantilly cake. This tragedy against humanity has a redemptive quality, however, in that, I can’t eat it without you! Love you!

    • leahbfrazier · March 21, 2013

      I am so sad to hear that! Just means you will HAVE to visit me soon! Miss you friend!

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