What it’s Wednesday?

Holy Pajamas! I can not believe it is Wednesday already! Whew! This week has been crazy! Monday was my 30th birthday! Wahoo! It was such a fun and super busy day! (I will post about it later!) Tuesday I was in total survival mode and now here we are at Wednesday. I took off from work all day Monday and half a day Tuesday. The main reason I took off work was to get school work done. On Monday I had a test in History, and on Tuesday I had a test in Hebrew. Plus, on Tuesday I also had a paper and a project due. So needless to say, most of my birthday was spent in the library. But we still found some time to celebrate!

So-it’s Wednesday which means the race is only 4 days away! That is so insane! I am anxious and nervous, and I am so excited all at the same time! Here are some of my thoughts about Sunday’s race.


It will most likely rain. I have never done a race in the rain before. I have done regular runs in the rain but never 13.1 in the rain. Some people have said I should run in a trash bag. Others say just to wear my lightweight rain jacket. It is also likely that it will be raining the rest of the week. So should I log runs in the rain to prepare for Sunday, or should I  just try to go to the gym and do treadmill miles? Do you think people will be out to cheer for us if it is raining?

There are going to be 1,000,000 people running the race. Okay, so maybe not really that many. But still this race will have the most participants of any I have ran in before. I can not decide if this will make it more fun or super intimidating. Also we got our corral assignments. Adrian is in corral 16 and I am in corral 18. Adrian is thinking about coming back to my corral so I will not have to wait alone for that long. I love my husband! This could mean standing for awhile before the race begins. Any advice on waiting for race to start?

Bathrooms. The Jazz half marathon in October was my first half marathon. I was so afraid of the port-a-potties. I was afraid of having to use them. What if I could not get my tights back up? What if I had to go during the race? Well, of course I made it to the race and had to pee. I went to the “wall of potties” and ran to the first one open only to have some man yell at me that the line was on the other side of the road. Why would you not stand closer to the potties so that you could use them faster? Anyways, I digress. At that point it was time to go to the start. Adrian assured me that there would be a potty at mile 3 so just to wait. That seemed like a good plan and so I waited. Mile 3 came and there was in fact a (singular) potty with a line attached. The next few miles were the same story-one potty-7 runners waiting. By the time I had made it to mile 7 I just decided to hold it and wait until the race was over. At this race one of the local running groups is doing a promotion that if you buy certain gear this week they will give you sticker for your race bib so you can be a “VIPEE”. This means you can use special potties that flush, have toilet paper, and hand washing. I think this is hilarious and yet I am intrigued and trying to decide if I need anything from this store. 🙂 Have you ever heard of “VIPEE” ? Are you afraid of port-a-potties?

Our first expo! I am not going to lie I am so super stoked about going to our first expo! I am excited to see the Brooks area (I want a hat to wear on Sunday). We are going with some of our friends who are running the full-marathon to the expo! I seriously can not wait to do this!

Training. Adrian and I just really decided to run this race in the last 8 weeks or so. We had been running with some consistency-but not really training for this race. Saturday we went to run with our friend, Jenna, who is running her first full!!! We ran over by the water and around the park. Oh my word! The wind was so bad on Saturday. Plus, it was unseasonably cold for NOLA. I finished my 10 mile run but I was so happy when it was over. Adrian has been sick this past week and bless his hear he just felt awful for Saturday’s run. So here we are 4 days from the race and just hoping that those extra 3.1 miles will just make its way to our legs.

Wednesday. Like I said I can not believe it is Wednesday. I am hoping to finish the week strong in every possible way. My Hebrew test yesterday was not what I expected. And even though I studied for the test-I did not study the right things. I was so disappointed. I know I need to work harder at my schoolwork. I went for a run yesterday after work and it was less than amazing. My legs hurt, I was tired, and I was just not doing great. As a surprise for my birthday Adrian got me a new Team Sparkle skirt for this weekend’s race. It is Kelly green and I love it. So I wore it on my run which helped. Yesterday, we also realized that it is hybrid week at school. That means that this week in addition to having our regular classes we have another class on Thursday night from 6-9. We were so overwhelmed by the beginning of the week that we had not realized we had this class this week. So here we are at Wednesday with still a lot to accomplish. Pray that we will do more than just survive this week.  Pray we will live it to glorify the Lord and reach others for Jesus.

How has your week been?

Have you ever ran/raced in the rain?

What is your favorite part of an Expo?

go and be a light,



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