Disney College Program


Our first family picture from Disney College Program Spring 2007. In honor of my roomie, Ariel, coming to NOLA this weekend I am posting about working at Disney. I miss these girls and that season of life. I am grateful for my time working for Disney during the College Program and then for 5 years as a Seasonal Cast Member. Here are some of my favorite things from living in Orlando.

1. Rain Pants and other amazing cast member accessories. Here I am modeling my rain wear. Unfortunately, it did not come in a petite size. We laughed about our “costumes” and what size we would wear in them. Disney sizing was done prior to what we now use as “vanity sizing”. The ladies who worked in costuming recommended going up a size or two. You have never truly struggled with self esteem until you have searched the racks of costumes looking for one that will fit. My favorite costume is one I referred to as the “human onesie”. This is the costume for Oscars and Package Pick Up at Disney Hollywood Studios. (It was still MGM when I worked there) You would have to find a buddy to get you in and out of the thing.

rain pants


2. Cast preview of Pirate and Princess Party. Suffice it to say, it changed our lives. All 6 of us girls got up at like 2 am to get dressed and head to Magic Kingdom. We parked in one area and then were bused to another area. Here we showed our Cast IDs and were then sent through the Utiliador, then up a flight of stairs to arrive in Fantasyland. It was so cool. And that was only getting to the event. We could not take pictures of the event but we still had the most amazing time. The fireworks were awesome! This is a picture of me before the preview.

cast preview



3. The roomies at said Pirate and Princess Party. Have I mentioned that I loved working at Disney? Well, I did love it! One day at work my manager, Nicolas, came to check in on me. He said he needed to talk to me. I was nervous-I thought I had been doing good at my job-I came to work, I wore my costume correctly, and used manners with guests. He took me to the office to say how proud of me he was and that he and the other managers wanted to give me a reward! He gave me tickets for me and my roomies to go to the Pirate and Princess Party for Free!!!! I was so excited and grateful! I could not wait to tell the girls! We decided to go as half princess and half pirates. Here we are meeting Capt. Jack! We road Pirates of the Caribbean at least 1,000 times that night. It was such a fun and special time! As we were leaving the party I got a call from my mom telling me that my sister, Brooke, had given birth to here first child, Jace. I will always treasure this night.




4. Easter Sunday.  While I lived in Orlando I attended a church plant called West Point Fellowship. It met (and still meets) in a local elementary school cafeteria. West Point was my first church to attend without knowing anyone. I only knew the pastor via email and that he was a friend of my brother-in-law. It is a super nice church. The pews are benches with cushions you would find at football games. There are coffee and snacks before service. During the fellowship hymn others will ask you how they can pray for you & then they will pray for you right there. Most Sundays I went by myself. I worked A LOT of Sundays and so I would go to church in my work clothes and leave from there. On Easter Sunday my room mates came to church with me. That day we had baptism in the parking lot. The church did not have a baptismal since it was a school. So someone literally defrosted their deep freeze and brought a ladder. It was so cold that day. But there we were watching those getting baptized in basketball shorts and telling about how Jesus had changed their life. I know not all of my room mates believe in Jesus. I know some may not believe in anything. But is was such a precious time to have them with me that day.

5. There is so much more. I would love to tell you every detail about how working at Disney has changed my perspective and my life. Here are some final thoughts:

  • I learned a lot about serving people.
  • In my mind I thought I was a hard worker-but Disney taught me to work harder.
  • You never know how one small encounter can change someones day for the good or the bad.
  • Making magic takes way more than pixie dust. It takes showing up, doing your job well, and respecting others.
  • People save their whole lives to come to the Walt Disney Resort. Take time to ask them their story. Take time to help others. Even if it is just showing them where the nearest bathroom is.
  • People want to believe in magic. Help them to believe in something more. Jesus is real. His life, death, burial, and resurrection happened. Help them to have hope through Jesus.

I hope you enjoyed this journey down memory lane. I will try to write more about my time at Disney later.


go and be a light,




Have you ever done the College Program for Disney?

What do you like most about Disney parks?

Have you ever ran a Run Disney race?

I haven’t but I would love to run the Princess Half Marathon! 


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