March Goals

Welcome to my first set of goals! I am so excited about setting goals for this month. We are just coming off the RNR Nola and getting ready for the Crescent City Classic! Y’all, I wish you could understand how excited I am about this race. It is going to be so fun! All that to say, let’s set some goals!

1. Get up when Adrian get’s up. Adrian opens at the coffee shop 3 out of 5 weekday mornings. He wakes up pretty early on those days. Truth be told I wake up then now-but most of the time I just go back to sleep or sleep ūüėČ . My goal is to get up these 3 mornings and go ahead and get my run in. I think this will help with time management. But it also means getting up early in the morning. It will be worth it-right?

2. Do all my homework. For the most part I am pretty good with my homework. But these past two weeks it has really piled up on me. My goal is to have all my homework/projects/papers done on time this month.

3. Pray for my family more. This is something the Lord has really laid on my heart recently. I love my family and we are really close. However, I have not really spent time praying for them. One thing that has really triggered this is my dad and his work. Daddy works at a tire plant in my hometown. My dad has a relationship with the Lord and is a very respected person in our city. At his work this past year he has had several friends commit suicide. It has really been hard on daddy. He wants to share Jesus with his friends so that they won’t feel hopeless. Join me in praying for daddy to be bold as he shares with his coworkers.

4. Getting ready for Crescent City Classic. CCC is a 10k in New Orleans. Since it is on our actual¬†anniversary¬†day Adrian and I are going to run it together. I am so happy to be¬†running¬†this race. This race is usually pretty big. Our goal for the race is not “really” time but more just to “have a good time”. Adrian is a good bit faster than I am. I would like to do some speedwork these next few weeks to get ready¬†to keep up with him.

5. Plan a week’s worth of meals. Confession, I am not a cook. The only thing I make really well is sweet tea. It is really good and¬†really sweet. I want to learn how to cook and I have lots of cute¬†aprons¬†and fun cookbooks. I just have never put 2 and 2 together. I would like to start with planing at least one week’s worth of meals for us. This way I can finally try out those cheesy chicken enchiladas I pinned on Pinterest last year :).

Side Note: This will not happen this week. Yesterday after church we got home to heat up some leftovers. Our part of the city was under a water boil (Welcome to New Orleans life) and so we thought leftovers would be good since we did not have to really cook anything. Long story short-Adrian opens fridge and notices food feels warm. He then checks the freezer. It’s all warm. Refrigerator died at some point yesterday morning and ALL of our food is ruined. Super sad day. It will be 2-3 days before it can be fixed. So we are just going to throw everything out and eat PB&J until then.

What are some of you goals for March?

Have you ever done meal planning?

Is there any way I can pray for you?

Are you an early morning runner or do you run at night?

Me and Ariel at supper

My sweet Ariel came to visit in Nola. It was so much fun having dinner with her last night. Love this girl!

Go and be a light,



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