five things friday

Happy Friday Everyone! This has been such a fun and wild week. We are only two weeks out from “Spring Break” aka read every book in the house week. Each day this week has started early and ended pretty late. But, I could not be more grateful for the special memories that have been made this week.

1. Trivia Night at Dat Dog. Every Tuesday night at Dat Dog they host a trivia night. Our good friends Paul and Joy have gone before and loved it. (And they have won prizes before 🙂 )  We have never been to a trivia night and were not sure what to expect. Turns out that all over the city on different nights of the week several restaurants host these trivia nights. They are pretty legit events. We got there a little late but Paul & Joy had already registered our team Embrace Your Bliss.  It’s the logo painted on the wall of a pig holding a hot dog. Random and fun!

The four of us at Dat Dog Trivia Night~

The four of us at trivia night. The food was so yummy! I was so happy to be eating the bacon, cheddar, ranch fries!

The trivia challenge goes for 6 rounds with a halftime question and a final question. There were 13 teams there and 65 players total. Paul & Joy have been in our Life Group at church and live close to us. We love this family and their sweet little guy. They are expecting at little girl in just a few weeks. Paul will graduate soon and so we knew this would be the only time we could go with them. There were several things we probably should have been doing, but we had such a fun time with these two. I am grateful for their friendship and glad we got to eat at Dat Dog one last time together.

2. Goodbye lunch with JB & Liz. Wow! Back-to-back goodbyes is super hard. We went from Tuesday dinner goodbyes with Paul & Joy to Wednesday lunch goodbyes with JB & Liz. Liz is a legend on our campus. She is just straight up God-fearing. Since this summer she has been my mentor. She is a very wise lady and knows God’s word. I love her. Her husband JB is so fun. Adrian has been in an accountability group with him this year and the two of them have grown really close. Liz & JB are leaving soon to live in Southern Africa. Super far away!

For several year I prayed for someone to mentor me. I have been wanting to learn more about studying God’s word and helping others learn how to study. Liz was more than willing to meet with me. Meeting with Liz has been so huge for how I look at the Word of God. She has also taught me about praying for my husband, meditation, and just investing in others. She is also a woman that speaks truth, I can specifically remember texting her about a situation that I wanted it to work out my way  to which she quickly replied “False, you need to take this to the Lord and see what he has to say about it”. I literally can not say enough about her presence in my life has affected me. I am so happy to have her in my life and to see her go on this journey. I even have a wish list of books that she uses in mentoring that I want for my own personal library.

We are excited for them. It is going to be such an awesome opportunity to go and share about Jesus. To celebrate them we went to eat lunch at one of their favorite places Crazy Johnny’s. We have never been there before so we were really excited to try it out. They did not even let us see the menu-JB ordered us 4 filet  mignon po’boys and some dipping sauce.   Oh my stars! It was so yummy! It was so much food that we each brought the other half home for supper!

At Crazy Johnny's with JB & LIz

our po'boy

3. Paint Party on Campus. Last night there was a paint party on campus. I went last year and really enjoyed it. So I was super excited to win a ticket to this year’s event. The picture for this year was a crawfish boil. I sat with one girl I knew and one girl that I did not know. It was really fun. We laughed about how crazy our painting looked and snacked on cheese and crackers. It was so good to just have a ladies night. Plus, now I have a new painting for my kitchen!

*Before the paint party I went for my run. It felt awesome outside!  I only did 2 miles because I was low on time. I tried out a few new items that I will tell you about on Tuesday in my “Trying it out Tuesday” post. Get excited!

Taran & I with our paintings

Taran and I with our paintings.

What the painting was supposed to look like

What the painting was supposed to look like 🙂

4. Tonight’s date. Like I said this week has been a sun-up to sun-down kind of week. I have not really spent time with Adrian any this week. We are still waiting to hear if they will reimburse our refrigerator’s  worth of groceries. Pray we hear something today. Since tonight was our only open night we are going to do our most favorite thing! We are going to Target!!!!! I love Target! I just want to go and walk up and down each and every aisle. It makes me so happy to be there.

Tonight we are going there to buy Wreck it Ralph. We will probably pick up a few groceries too. We went last weekend and their Champion sports bras were on sale. I am hoping they were marked down again during the week. There is a Kelly green one I would like to get. I am sure we will pick up dinner somewhere. Maybe a sandwich from Whole Foods or something like that. After all the goodbye meals this week I just need to detox.

5. Farmer’s Market tomorrow.  New Orleans has several farmers markets. Tomorrow we are going with some friends to one in the Warehouse district. I have never been to a farmers market and so I am really excited to see what it’s all about. Before we go to shop the market we are meeting at the cute bakery to have Belgian waffles. Adrian and I are going to do our run before all of this so that we can enjoy every bite of our waffles.

This has been such a fun week! I am glad that it’s Friday though. How has your week been? What are some fun things you are doing this weekend? Have you ever been to a farmers market-what did you buy? Have you ever been to a paint party-What did you paint?

go and be a light,



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