trying it out tuesday

Welcome to Trying it out Tuesday. One thing I think all newbie runners want to know is where to invest their money in apparel, accessories, etc. This is one area where I feel like I can contribute. I have a love for fashion, textiles, and fit. Several times since I have begun to run I have accompanied new running friends to get fitted for shoes or go and find running clothes at local stores. My goal is to help you sort through the 1,000,000 products out there and get something that you love and feel comfortable wearing.

Side note: I am uber modest. So many times I will talk about a running top over a running tank. I am open to trying  tanks. They are just not my normal go-to.  Also, I would recommend going to a local running store to get fitted for shoes and sports bras. A good sports bra is what I am currently saving up for. I have been rocking the Target special lately-but I am looking to invest. I would really like to try a Handful bra or one of the new Oiselle bras that is coming out this weekend!

For today I am reviewing two items: a headband and a running skirt with capris attached. The headband is from BaniBands ( On my birthday they were doing a contest to win a headband. I replied and they let me know that I had won a headband. I have been interested in these headbands because they are adjustable. The key to the “no-slip” is the velvet backing on the headbands. I have two other brands of headbands that I run in and will talk about those on other posts. The skirt/capri combo is from Target.

BaniBands Headbands

My headband arrived last week and I was eager to take it for a run. The color they sent me was a bright turquoise sequin headband. They could not have picked a better choice for me-I love it! I put my hair in a ponytail and then put the headband over my head. (the headband was loose at this time-as shown in the above photo) Then I placed the headband close to my hairline and tightened it from the bottom. Perfect. I went for my run and literally forgot about it. It was not until I went to stretch at the end of my run and I saw the blue shimmers against the grass that I realized I  still had the headband on! I have worn it again on other runs since this and enjoyed wearing it. The color makes it fun and I love that is looks like glitter. 🙂

I would personally recommend this headband. The headbands range from $12-$18 each. BaniBands have lots of cute patterns, sports, and colors to choose from. This would be a good headband if you are worried about having a large or small head and the headband not fitting.

I was not compensated for my ideas. These are my own opinions.


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