five things friday-my bug’s birthday







Happy Friday & welcome to Five things Friday-Birthday Edition! Today is my sweet husband’s 30th Birthday! I call him “bug” hence the title. I am not sure where “bug” came from-but I have been calling him that forever.

This week for Five things Friday I am going to write about my bug and five things about him that just make my heart happy.

Happy Birthday Adrian!

Last night I decorated our living room for his birthday. Here is the sign I made him. There were balloons too!

1. He is my husband and I love him. I know it seems obvious that since he is my husband I would love him. But he is seriously the man I prayed my whole life for. (No, really I started praying at age 10 for my husband).  If you are around us you know that he is my husband and I am his wife. It may be because of my I LOVE ADRIAN t’shirt. Or just because you see us together. He really is my most favorite gift God gave me other than salvation. I love him and am so happy to celebrate him today!


one of our engagement photos

alabama a-day game

us at Alabama’s A-Day game

2. Adventure is in his heart. I am so glad that he is not afraid of things. Sometimes I am really afraid and so him being brave really helps me. Three years ago we both left good, steady jobs to move to New Orleans and attend grad school. We came here with a few hundred dollars in our bank account and no jobs. Three years later we could not be more convinced it was absolutely God’s plan that we live in this city. Our whole lives have changed. We share the gospel more. We run in different neighborhoods. We have a local sushi joint around the corner that knows us by name. We  are having the time of our life.  We knew God was calling us on an adventure. So here we are just waiting to see what’s next.

Some of my favorite adventures with my bug have been: going zip lining, driving all night to go to Disney, prayer walking down Hollywood Blvd., starting school together, and holding your hand when we have to go on the down escalator.

pirate &princess party

Pirate & Princess Party 2007.

3. He is my running partner.  He is faster than me-but I still try to catch him. Adrian has been my running partner since 2004. Here we are after we got engaged in 2007. We have ran so many different places together. Some of my favorite runs with Adrian include: Running in downtown Florence, AL when the leaves were bright yellow, our old mid-night runs when I could not sleep so he would meet me for a few miles, taking him for a run at the campus of LA Tech on the route I’ve been running since I was an 8th grader, our engagement run, and our first half marathon. I love running with my bug. I can’t wait to see all the places our Brooks will take us.


Singing after we got engaged.

4. He is my absolute favorite person to go places with.  We both love Disney. This first picture is from our honeymoon meeting Mickey. The second picture is from this past November when we went with my family and ate at  the new Be Our Guest Restaurant. It was beautiful inside and we had the most yummy meal. 🙂 Everyday can’t be spent at Disney, it’s sad but true. We love to go to Target or Audubon Park. The main thing is that we get to go together.


Mickey Meet & Greet 2008

at Be Our Guest Restaurant in Magic Kingdom

Be Our Guest Restaurant 2012

5.  I like how he worships.  Really, it was one of the main things that made me fall in love with him. (That and he has dimples 🙂 ) When we were in college and just getting to know each other, I remember just seeing him at worship and being so happy at how he worshiped. I love that sometimes he sings really loud and sometimes he just kneels in prayer. It just makes me so happy to see how he delights in worshiping our Savior.

I hope you enjoyed my five things friday today. If you want to give bug a birthday shout out on twitter @adriancfrazier Have a super happy weekend. We are going to see Adrian’s favorite band tonight in the city.

go and be a light,



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