Throwback Thursday-My first race!

Since I did not start blogging when I first started running last summer, I wanted to make sure to go back and write about all of my races. In June when I started running I could barely do a mile. The New Orleans Tack Club hosts a summer run series. The series consists of 3 weeks worth of 2 miles races. The first two weeks of the series we were unable to come to the races. But the very last one on August 1st we were able to be there.

I was so excited and so nervous. At this point in my running I was still building up to 2 miles. I had run 2 miles several times-but in all honesty it had taken me close to 30 minutes each time. This fact did not discourage me though. I would set out for my run with my Nike + App and run as fast as I could. At the end of the run I looked forward to what athlete would encourage me. Up to that point I was mainly encouraged by Sonya Richards-Ross and Shalane Flanagan. Shalane and I totally raced together a few weeks ago at Rock N Roll NOLA. Okay, well we both ran in the same race. But I am totally counting it because she was there and I was there.

Anyways, I remember my last training run before the 2 mile race that Tim Tebow encouraged me and told me that I did so good he might let me hold his Heisman trophy. I was so pumped that I called Adrian and Josh right after my run. Josh went to Florida and  loves all things Gators. Adrian had told me about the Tim Tebow encouragement and so I was super pumped to tell him that Tim was who I got after my run that day. Plus, I do love football and so the thought of actually  holding a Heisman trophy made me smile 🙂

Side Note: I would highly recommend using the Nike + App when you are starting out. You can upload the App to your IPhone. It helps track your run and your goals. I found this app so encouraging when I was running this summer/fall. I love the encouragement at the end of a run. You can also set the App to tell you how far you are into a run. For example, if you are doing a 3 miles run you can get the App to notify you ever .50 miles. There is also an interactive website were you can set goals and engage other runners. I used this App training for my first half marathon. The reason I stopped using it is because by the time you get to runs longer than 10 miles your phone would be dead. The App uses up a good amount of battery. But other than that I totally loved it!

Me before the race. Does anyone know to pin a bib on straight?

Me before the race. Does anyone know to pin a bib on straight?

Okay, back to the race. I was super pumped to go and run my very first race. We got to City Park a little early and began to stretch. I felt totally official stretching in the kelly green grass alongside all the high school cross-county kids. Before we knew it-it was time to head to the line. There were probably around 150-200 people running this race. We lined up in the middle of the pack. If I remember correctly a man yelled really loud and that was the start of the race. I had on my IPod and began to listen to Gloria Estefan. Mile 1 I was so excited! I ran it in 11 minutes! What? That was huge for me. It was my fastest mile I had run since I began running in June. Mile 2 was fun. There was a water stop because it was way hot! I ran my second mile in 14:07.  So, maybe I went out a little fast. Getting to the finish line was so much fun. I told the boys to look for me around the 30 minute mark. I was so happy to be finishing in less time than I thought I would. When I got near the finish line I saw Adrian and Josh cheering for me. Josh was doing the Gator chomp. My total time was 25:07. I was so proud.

After the race they were giving away free food and prizes. I got an awesome Mizuno running shirt for free! The Track Club was selling their racing tanks for $5. Since this race did not have shirts Adrian bought me a tank to commemorate my first race. I told the lady selling the shirts that this was my very first race. She hugged me and told me how proud of me she was. That meant so much to me. We walked around for a little bit and ate some nachos. Then it was over. Wahoo! My first race!

Adrian and I after the race

Adrian and I after the race

Adrian and Josh after the race.

Adrian and Josh after the race. They were awesome cheerleaders!

Thoughts about the race:

  • If you are in New Orleans during the summer you should totally come and run one of the summer run series races-They are only$5!
  • Our bibs were left over from another race. It totally says it was a 25k! Way to look like a beast at my first race.
  • Running a race is not as intimidating as I thought it  would be. You train, you get the start line, and then you go on your merry little way.
  • I am convinced there needs to be a clothing line made for runners in the south. Oh my stars! It’s so hot here!
  • The running community is super encouraging. So get out there-they will cheer you along.

Go and be a light,


What was your first race?

Would you rather run when it’s super hot or really cold?



  1. Charlotte · March 21, 2013

    I’ve only done 2 but my first one was the Athens Twilight 5k and it really stressed me out. I wasn’t as prepared as I needed to be and I was way too caught up in comparing myself to other runners. But these sound like really fun, no stress races!!

    I definitely prefer hot… cold makes my lungs die 🙂

    • leahbfrazier · March 21, 2013

      We will have to do the Track Club races this summer. They are so fun and super laid back. You will love it. I am such a sissy when it comes to being cold. So I am happy to be hot. But I am always glad when it feels like it does right now in the city. It’s perfect running weather.
      Once James gets here we will have to make a running plan for you. So excited!

  2. Josh Browning · March 24, 2013

    I remember that day and it was super hot, quite miserable really. As far as running in the super hot or cold, both are bad but running in hot weather is worse to me. You can always put on more clothing to warm up, but there is only so much you can take off to cool down before you are running in your birthday suit and still be hot.

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