Five things Friday

It’s Friday! We totally made it! I hope your week has been super! Here are my five (totally random) thoughts on Friday:

1. I have a project that is taking over my life. Tell me you have dealt with this before. You get an assignment. You begin to gather needed materials. You think you are ready to write.  And then it all falls apart. This has been the story with this project. I am already late submitting it. And I can only submit it until midnight TOMORROW in order for my professor to accept it! Please, please, please pray that I will finish it !

2. Tomorrow morning I am running a 5k. True Story this is only my second 5k of my life. (Adrian is running it too 🙂 )  And because of said project and work being uber busy I have only managed to run 3 times in 2 weeks. One of those runs was last night. I was trying to run 3.2, just to see what I had in me, but around 2.5 miles the lights got turned out on the track. So I saw it as a sign and just called it a night. I did have a really fun run and was able to pray about a lot of things on my mind. Bonus about tomorrow’s race-There will be door prizes! One of the door prizes is a gift card to Koz’s Restaurant! It is a local po’boy shop and they have the most heavenly onion rings. Koz’s also serves a “Whole Loaf” po’boy that you can buy for parties. It’s approximately 3 feet long!

3. I am getting my haircut tomorrow! I love getting my haircut. I am going right after the 5k so I am hoping that means a shampoo too! There are few things in life that I love the way I love getting my hair washed and blown out. Can I get an amen?

4. Monday is Boston. How cool is that? I will be at work-But I am so super excited for everyone that gets to run it. I can’t wait to see how Kara Goucher & Shalane Flanagan do! I can’t believe that we ran the same race as them at Rock’N’Roll in February? That is so insane. We got to hear a Q & A with Kara at the Expo. She seemed so nice and really down to earth. And she runs like 5 billion miles a week-which is really cool and super impressive.

5. I know I did not make any goals for this month. But fear not, I will have goals in May. It’s not that I am throwing goals out the window this month. It’s just that I know how much school work (and regular work for that matter) that I need to accomplish. Having a full-time job and being in grad school full-time is a big commitment. April is a big month for assignments and by Mid-May I’ll be done with finals.  So April is not a month that I am trying to break some new cool record. I am just trying to get my stuff done. I will run a few times a week but not be crazy about distance or time. I have all summer to focus on that. Right now I’m just trying to figure out the Qal Perfect/Imperfect verbs in Hebrew and it is eating my lunch.

Which women do you hope wins Boston-Shalane or Kara? I’m Team Kara!

What do you have going on this weekend?

Go and be a light,



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