Motivational Monday!

Whew! I know it’s almost not Monday anymore-But I wanted to encourage you today! hope

I have this Scripture as my screensaver at work. I love having it there to remind me to be joyful in HOPE, to be patient in Affliction, and to be Faithful in Prayer! What a sweet phrase to look at during my sometimes crazy days at work.

This week is finals week at school. Tomorrow at noon I have my Hebrew final and then I just have a few book reports to write up and this semester will be in the books! I could not be more excited! This summer we are planning on only taking one online course so I will literally not step foot back in a classroom until August. To be honest my heart is so ready for a break. This past month has just been really hard. I got some news at work that I was not expecting and so now I am looking for a new job. And April is just a hard month in school. It’s when all the major projects are due and you are gearing up for finals and it can just feel like your plate is really really full. But don’t get me wrong I am happy. I just want to do things well.

So here is where I want to encourage you. I hope that if you are in this crazy season of the end of the semester or just life is super busy that you will step back and be hopeful, be patient and be prayerful. I know it can just seem like so much sometimes. But I really do want to encourage you to step back and evaluate what all you have going one and ask the Lord what are you doing well and what needs a little more work. I feel like this is something that I am very much in the process of doing. We are working with a church plant in the warehouse district of downtown New Orleans. It’s really in the beginning stages but we are starting to meet each Sunday in the park. For one of my classes I made a strategic plan for how we could minister to people in this area. Let’s be honest it looks more like a concrete jungle than suburbia and so going door-to-door to invite people to come to church is just not a reality. I am asking the Lord to open doors so that people can be reached for his glory in the warehouse district. Please join me in praying about how we can share the HOPE of Jesus in this area of our city.

Adrian and I have taken the past few weeks off from running. So we are really excited to get back into having a plan. This past weekend we looked at training plans. It’s so exciting to prepare for a new challenge. We are really excited about where this next year in running will take us. It’s crazy to think that this time last year I wasn’t even running yet. And now our date nights include training plans, fueling, and planning our Saturday long run.

We are getting to go home this weekend to Tuscaloosa! ROLL TIDE!! I am so happy to be going home. We have not been home since Christmas and so I am just bursting to cross the state line. Our plans for the weekend include: eating lots of mexican (New Orleans does not have any good mexican restaurants), going to the local running store to pick up some Alabama tech tees, having lunch with my family on Saturday, and going running at the quad! Sunday we will go to church with my family at North River Church. I love this church and so I am really excited about getting to go and see everyone. My friend Elaine ,who just ran her first full marathon in February at Rock-n-Roll Nola, and I are going to chat about running after so that makes me really happy to see her! Plus, did I mention that I GET TO SEE MY MOMMA! Oh! I am so excited! I really miss her! We are going to go to a fabric store ! You know I am super pumped because I love textiles!

Well, that is a lot of information for today! Be encouraged y’all! You can totally do it!

go and be a light,


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