Trying it out Tuesday-Fuel


Welcome back to Trying it out Tuesday! Today we are going to talk about fuel! Wahoo! I know you are so excited! As a newbie runner it can be super intimidating to look down the aisle full of GUs, Shot Bloks, powders, and bars. Fear Not! I am here to help you as you navigate the overwhelmingness of aisle 17.


Today we are going to talk about two of my favorite fuels-chomps & bloks! These sound more like fun robot names than fuel but they really are chewy goodness that can get you through your long run! Both of these products are great! I have used them for long runs and for races. Both of these items are easy on the tummy, which let’s be honest you know you are thinking about when you are planning out your ___ mile run for the day. Both the Chomps and the Shot Bloks are very reasonably priced items as well.

The strawberry GU chomps are some of my favorites!  Chomps are a go-to item for me. I like having something to chew on rather than just throwing a packet back-it really helps me fill more full. Sometimes I even just eat a few of these before a run just to have something in my system. For example if I was planning a 4 mile run for the day I would eat 4 chomps before my run to help me fuel.

Pros: The package is easy to open and you just pop four chomps in your mouth and you are on your way. The strawberry flavored ones also have caffeine and so that is a major help if you are looking for something to help you go the distance. The strawberry flavor is good too! If you are at an expo you can usually rack up on chomps at a great price. This past year I ran a half marathon that gave us 25% off at Varsity Sports on Magazine and so I stock pilled my stash!

Cons: I will say that you need to make sure that you have some water to drink when you eat your chomps. I found this out the hard way at mile 5.5 of a half marathon and  chewed on these for next 1.5 miles at the water stop! Of course this is most likely true for anything you “eat” while you are on a run! There are 8 pieces in each package and so you will have more to get down when you fuel up.

*Side note: Varsity Sports on Magazine (they have other locations too) is a great local shop! They do so much to support local running. Their customer service is rockstar! So if you are in NOLA and looking for a running store to stop by-check them out! They also have a new app out! (I tired to post the link but it didn’t work) Be sure to check it out! I downloaded it yesterday and I think I am really going to like it! 

The next item is Clif Shot Bloks.


Pros: You can pick these up while you are roaming the aisle at your local Target. This packaging makes it really easy to store in your belt. Because of the long shape of the wrapper you can tear it back like a candy bar and just get the pieces you need out. Once you are done use the wrapper to cover the end and place it back in your bra fuel belt. There are 6 pieces in this package and so you can either divide your fuel up more or you can use half the pack now and half the pack later. Target runs these on special pretty regularly so be on the lookout.

Cons: There are only 6 in each of these packs so you may not feel as “full”. But on the bright side only having to eat 3 blocks each time is a little easier than 4.

I am really excited because I recently won two flavors of the Clif shot bloks. I can’t wait to try new flavors. Either way you can bet that one of these items is always in my fuel belt. I hope today has been helpful to you. My goal is that you will feel prepared to conquer aisle 17! So go ahead try some chomps or give a shot block a try on your next run. Let me know what you think or if you know of any awesome flavors I should try.

go and be a light,


What type of fuel do you like?

Have you ever used Chomps or Shot Bloks?

* Update: Today I was talking with a friend about Chomps/Shot Bloks. She was asking my thoughts on mixing different types or flavors during a run. Here is my response to this question. When you are first trying out this type of fuel I would stick with one type (For instance the Strawberry GU Chomps with Caffeine) for each run or time of training. Then once you have tested this type of fuel and you know that you 1-like how it tastes 2-know how your body reacts to it and 3- know what your body needs during a run/workout, You could then move to mixing the type of fuels. An example of this might be if you were doing a half marathon and were trying to fuel well for it. You could begin by taking 3 Clif Shot bloks (Black Cherry as shown above that have 1 dose of caffeine) and then when you go to fuel you could use the same brand but use the Margarita flavor (which contains salt). As with any fuels you want to practice what you eat and how you fuel for your run. This way when you get to you race you will know what to expect as far as how you are fueling. It is good to look at the different flavors and types to see which kind you like and which kind could be helpful to your workout.

Another question I was asked today was how long before I run do I fuel. I usually try to fuel 15-20 minutes before if I am only eating a GU or a Shot Block. For races or longer runs I  try to fuel at least 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours prior to run/race.

* I was not compensated for my opinions. I am just a newbie runner trying things out as I learn to fuel my body for longer runs.



  1. Tina@GottaRunNow · May 15, 2013

    Good tips! Something I like to do with my Clif Shot Blok package is to cut it in half before I leave for a run. That way, I can grab the half package from my pocket when it’s time to eat 3 Bloks.

    • leahbfrazier · May 15, 2013

      Thank you for that idea. I love that. I will have to try this out next run! Thanks for the tip and for reading my post!

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