Five things Friday!

I’ll be honest I really do love Five things Friday! I love reading other bloggers posts about their five favorite things or just five random facts about them. I think it is such a fun way to get to know people! I hope you feel that way about my Friday post!

1. We are going home this weekend! In case you did not know we are getting to go home this weekend! My home is in Tuscaloosa, AL. But right now we live in New Orleans for graduate school. I could not be more excited to get away for a few days. My sisters called last night to see if we want to go to Tannehill on Saturday. It’s like an outdoor flea market and they have the best peanuts. Then daddy called to see if we wanted to go to the movies with him. Then mom called to see what restaurants we want to eat at this weekend. So I think everyone in Alabama is just as excited as we are about going home!

2. I am done with finals. At 3:17 am last night I submitted my last final. I had to finish a few book reports for one of my classes. Of course I could have been writing them while I was watching TV but I did not want to miss a single moment of The Office finale. So instead I stayed up most of the night watching The Devil Wears Prada writing in order to finish up my projects.

3.  The Office ended and I am devastated.  Y’all tell me your heart feels this way too! I was an emotional basket case from the start of the theme song. I cried so hard when Michael Scott was standing at the door. I love Jim & Pam and I willingly admit that I sometimes have to remind myself that their relationship only exists on TV. Adrian and I got chicken fried rice and dumplings and basically did not move off our couch until every second of the show had been viewed. We are attached. And Jenna Fischer we will continue to watch on our DVDs and Netflix for years to come. I look forward to seeing you on Nick-At-Nite.

4.We bought a CD. Seriously tell me when was the last time you bought a CD? Like you went to the store, searched the aisles, and made the purchase. Just the thought of this rushes me back to my very first CD purchase- Alanis Morissette- Jagged Little Pill. I loved that CD and played it until it was worn out. Any one else love this CD?

Well I know you are dying to know what CD we got…..


We are really excited to have some new jams for our road trip. Plus, Adrian is just happy I am finally changing the CD in the car. I have had the last CD in there for over a year. What can I say-I am a creature of habit. Adrian has known about them for awhile-but I just learned about them via SNL. Now I just go around the house screaming   “HEY” every few seconds! I think Adrian really bought the CD so I would learn more of the words. ( it will never work-I am the worlds worst at remembering words to songs)

5. Tip of the week. I really feel like this tip could change your life-not in the same way Jesus can-but still for the good! So it is hotter than Africa already in NOLA. At my job I have to wear pretty clothes and it can just be tough cookies. It’s way too hot to wear pants. So I resort to dresses and skirts for most of the summer. The only problem with this is that heat in the summer can equal chaff. It’s sad-but true.

No worries ladies I have a summer plan for us! I recently had an epiphany while shopping at my local target. Insert the Compression short. Now I know what you may be thinking-“Leah, I use these for biking and running why would I use them for office apparel?”Well America here is my plan. I think that by wearing these shorts under our skirts, dresses, and maxis we will be able to save our inner thigh form the horror of summer-time chafe. Because let’s be honest most people deal with it and it can seriously deter even the most hopeful of summer running plans.


So today I am trying out this new plan of mine. So far so good. I am wearing this exact pair as shown above under a black dress (also from Target). The good news is that the shorts are not only preventing chaffing but they also act as another layer to keep you from being so see through in your summer wear. This is also important since the usage of slips has fallen to the wayside but the usage of thin fabrics has not. I hope this tip will be helpful to you. This summer we are trying to really ramp up our training. Staying chaff free (as awkward as it sounds) is just another way to move in the right direction with our training.

go and be a light,


What are your plans for the weekend?

When was the last time you bought a CD? Which one was it?

Do you ever mix your exercise clothes with your daily clothes?



  1. Mary Margaret · May 19, 2013

    thing #5 is my favorite. one of my friends suggested it a couple of years ago and I’ve never gone back! and I completely agree… slips have fallen by the wayside, and I had to witness the ramifications of it earlier this week when I saw a girl who desperately needed one.

    love you! #sisterhood

    • leahbfrazier · May 21, 2013

      MM. Love you! I wish the world would wear slips. I don’t know if Vanity Fair just quit making them or if we can’t get them in the South because the Parisian’s clothing store got bought out by Belk. But whatever the reason. I wish we would re-consider as a nation and go back to wearing slips. No one wants to see your panties or your (very obvious) thong. Can I get an amen?
      Sorry you had to go through that. Just think about puppies until your mind clears. Good Luck!

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