Five things Friday-Things that make my heart happy!

Happy Memorial Day weekend! I hope your week has been nice and that you are getting ready to enjoy a time of relaxing and celebrating! One thing that is funny about New Orleans is that since we get off from work on Mardi Gras Day we don’t get off from work on Memorial Day. Or at least this is true where I work. So I will be back at work on Monday wearing my red, white, and blue!

Here are my Five things Friday-I hope you enjoy!

1. We went home last weekend and it was so much fun! For the last month of my life I have been dreaming about eating Zaxby’s! It’s a chicken finger place. They have chicken fingers, sweet tea, and like 548 dipping sauces. I have been a Zaxby’s fan for many years now. It’s what took me from the normal “Freshman Fifteen” in college to the “Freshman Forty”. Needless to say it’s probably not the most healthy option for you. Good news is that we don’t live within 3 hours of one so I only eat it now about twice a year. Here is a fun photo for you in to enjoy of my Zaxby’s bliss!


During the weekend we ate and ate and ate. I felt like I was a Disney eating so much! We also enjoyed time at Tannehill state park, shopping, and seeing our family. We are so grateful to be able to go home!

2. Look how cute my new Tervis Tumbler mug is! One thing you should you know about me is that I LOVE cups! It’s kind of a problem in my life. Mardi Gras season is like my dream come true because people just throw you cups-float after float. (Okay I may have made a sign that says “Cups Please”. So that may have helped too.) But in all seriousness I love a good cup. Adrian makes me throw out an “old” cup each time I get a “new” one. But not with Tervis Tumblers!

Do you know about Tervis Tumbler? If not you need to check them out here. These cups are so great! They come in tons of colors and sizes. You can also customize your tumbler-how cool is that ?  Plus you can use them for hot or cold beverages! Tervis Tumblers are able to go in your  dish washer, most styles can go in your microwave, and they are also freezer safe. My husband’s goal is to replace all of our current cups with only Tervis Tumblers. I am totally on board with this goal! I love Tervis Tumblers and they last forever! Wahoo!


All of that to say. This weekend when we were home we were at one of the bookstores on The Strip and we saw these cute mugs. Mine is the one pictured above and Adrian’s has a vintage Alabama logo on his. We both love them and have been using them all week. No worries-we have washed them in between uses.

3. New running clothes! So while we were in T’town one of our goals was to find Alabama or Tuscaloosa running tees. I think it would be so fun to wear stuff from my hometown when I run or do races. We looked and looked. We found a few Nike tees but they were all like $30-40 a piece.  There is a running store in Mid Town Village where we have been wanting to go called Wagner’s.  We were really excited to go there and see what all they had to offer! I was so happy to see that they had just what I was looking for-a Tuscaloosa running tech tee!

We were in the store for about 45 minutes. Ed talked to us about our Garmin watches. That led to talking about marathon training, shoes, and running in New Orleans. We enjoyed our time at the store so much. Ed was really helpful and super encouraging! He even invited us to come and run with their run groups when we are in town. I thought that was so nice of him. When we told him we were looking for tech tees with Alabama or Tuscaloosa on them he quickly showed us what he had in stock. We gladly purchased our shirts. Mine is the pink “I run this town” and Adrian’s is the red version. Before we left Ed surprised me by giving me a Tuscaloosa Track Club Brooks tee. It really made my day! I can’t wait to wear it for running and at local races. I am so proud to be from Tuscaloosa and to see how my city has responded to the tornado that damaged  my hometown on April 27th, 2011. We really hope to run in the Tuscaloosa Half Marathon this next year. The inaugural race was this past spring but it was too close to our Rock-n-Roll race to run it. I hope to run it in 2014. If you are looking for a half in Alabama you need to come and run it with me! You can follow them on Twitter too!

If you are in the area. I would really recommend stopping by Wagner’s! It was such a nice visit and the staff was very knowledgeable and friendly. We will see stop by during football season for sure! You can check them out on Facebook here.


4. I really want a running skirt! True story-running a skirt is really fun and makes you feel sassy! Plus, it is so much cooler running in s skirt during the year-long summer heat in Nola! I have been wanting to try a skirt from Running Skirts for a while now. Last year a friend of mine gave me several running skirts. One was really nice Nike running skirt and some were from Target. One thing I learned from getting these skirts is that (for me) the inseam really does matter! The pink Nike skirt Liz gave me is my favorite for long runs and it also has a longer inseam. The others are nice but I really only wear them for 3 miles or less or if I am going to the gym to do the elliptical. (Read-the inseam is tiny.)

I am not sure when I first heard about Running Skirts, but I have found out since then that they have a cult-like following! Women swear by these skirts! I have been eyeing them for months and this weekend they are offering free shipping for US orders only. Use code FREEDOM . Mindy was also so nice to help me with information about sizing and which type of skirt she likes. I think I would like the athletic skirt. It has compression shorts attached that are longer than the ones you find in other skirts.They start at 5″ in length and increases with size. This would be so great because I love a longer short!

You can also use the “The Skirt Fairy” that comes up when go are on their website if you have any questions! I love that! So many times I feel like you have questions about online shopping but you just order it anyways praying you made the right choice. I think it’s great that they have the fairies to help you out immediately.

Here are the two skirts I am eyeing!  Tell me what you think!

This one is called RunBow! Love it! It’s an athletic skirt so it has the shorts attached! Major Bonus!


This one is the Black Ultra Swift, also an athletic skirt. Practical and both of these skirts have pockets! The pockets are big enough to hold fuel or a cell phone. What a great thing to put on a skirt-pockets!


What could make your heart happier-running skirts, pockets, long compression shorts! I know-I am in love and I hope to order one soon! Just need to check with the hubby first! 🙂

5. Tonight we are eating ginormous pancakes! We are going to a place called City Dinner and we are going to get this!

pancakeI borrowed this picture from my friend Tim so y’all could see how large they are!

It is so big you can easily share it with friends! We have never eaten at City Dinner before but are looking forward to date night with some of our favorite couples!

I hope you have enjoyed my five things today! Have a happy and safe Memorial Day Weekend!

go and be a light,


What are your plans for the weekend?

Do you have a favorite cup?

Have you worn a running skirt before? What did you think about it?


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