Marathon Monday!


TODAY begins our marathon training! I am so excited! I can not wait to run 26.2 on January 20, 2014! It seems super far away and really crazy! But I am so pumped to be on this journey with my rockstar husband, Adrian! Wish us luck as we go through weeks of training to prepare for our race! We are using the Hal Higdon Novice Supreme training plan.(Don’t you love the name of the training plan? It makes me feel like I have just won a beauty pageant :)) It is a 30 week training plan. We chose this plan because of the length of time in the plan and for the way it builds mileage. *Note we are only doing Cross Fit for the first 12 weeks of the plan then we will change to other forms of cross training.

We would love to hear any tips, encouragement, and inspiration from you as we prepare for our race! If you would like more information about our race you can go to the website here.

What our training is like:

Week 1:

Monday: Cross Fit

Tuesday: 1.5 mile run

Wednesday: 3 mile run

Thursday: 1.5 mile run

Friday: Cross Fit

Saturday: 3 mile run

Sunday: 30 minute walk

Concerns this week: This week my mom and her two sisters are coming to visit. This means eating out a lot while they are in town. I am really excited about them coming. I have taken off work on Tuesday so we can all be together. But let’s be honest New Orleans eats and summer heat do not a friend make. Nor do they make a stellar athlete. So my goal is to eat conservatively while they are here.  I am just so excited that they are coming to town!

Positives this week: It is week one. This week could only go well. I jumped up this morning as soon as my alarm went off and went to change into my workout clothes. Right now it all seems possible and I am overjoyed at the journey of it all!

0Go and be a light,


Have you ever trained for a marathon before? What are you training for right now?



  1. ohblessyourheart · July 16, 2013

    Go get ’em girl!! I can’t wait to see how much you grow with this challenge…you are all that is woman. Love, love! -MS

    • leahbfrazier · July 16, 2013

      Mary Susan you are so sweet! Thank you for your encouragement it really means so much! Love you friend!

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