Marathon Monday! Week Two!

Guys! Marathon training has been super fun so far! I am sure as the weeks creep by I will need to remember this joyous time in the beginning. Well here is how Week 1 went down:

Monday: Cross Fit= Cross Fit

Tuesday: 1.5 mile run = 1.5 miles

Wednesday: 3 mile run= 3 miles

Thursday: 1.5 mile run= 1.5 miles

Friday: Cross Fit= Did not make it this day 😦

Saturday: 3 mile run= Raining in the am. So I went on a 3 mile walk with a friend

Sunday: 30 minute walk= 3 mile run

How did I feel about Week 1? Well, I really felt pretty good about it. I was sad to miss Cross Fit on Friday. But I ate something that did not settle right. So I figured the best thing to do was just rest that day. The main thing was that I was able to get in all of my runs. I have never really ran on Sunday before. (Other than for races) So it was really fun to get to be up early and running at the park.

Week 2 Plan:

Monday: Cross Fit= Cross Fit (This morning :))

Tuesday: 1.5 miles

Wednesday: 3 miles

Thursday: 1.5 miles

Friday: Cross Fit

Saturday: 3.5 miles

Sunday: 35 minute walk


Concerns about this week: To be honest I have not been sleeping that great. I hope that my sleeping will improve so that I will feel less groggy in the morning for my run/workout. It is really hot here and so I am trying my best to hydrate well.

Positives about this week: It’s a holiday week! We have off on the 4th and so we are going to do an American themed run. There were some races but none of them are close by so we are just going to dress up ourselves. I am also excited because we are going to meet with a dietitian this week. Our good friend is a certified dietitian and is going to come and talk with us about meal planning and such. I am really happy she is going to come and talk with us!

I hope you guys are having a great Monday so far!

go and be a light,



What are your plans for the 4th? Are you running a race?

Have you ever done meal planning?


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