Trying it out Tuesday-Local Races

Hey Y’all! Well we have made it to Tuesday which during the summer (when days are long) can seem like a really big deal! This week we are only working a four-day workweek because we are heading to the beach on Friday to celebrate my dad’s 60th birthday! We are pumped!

Today I want to talk to you about running local and give you some exciting news! I know a lot of you are in the throws of training right now. Maybe you are gearing up for your fall races or maybe you are getting ready for Goofy and need a fun fall race! Here is where today’s post comes into play! I want to let you know about the Jazz Half marathon and 5k!


Last year the Jazz Half was our very first half marathon. You can read about my race here.  The course runs along St. Charles and takes a loop through Audubon Park. You will love being able to run through some of the most beautiful parts of New Orleans. It’s also a great destination race. With this race having a smaller running field than our Rock n Roll race the city hosts in February it really allows you to soak in the city and it’s sites.

I am so glad we ran a local race for our first half marathon. Running local allowed us to have practice runs on course. Whether you are just looking for a fall race or need a fun training run I would recommend this race. Bonus, this is the 5th anniversary of the race! So you will want to come out and enjoy the celebration! This race also benefits the cancer program at our local Children’s Hospital! So it really it a great cause to lace up your running shoes for!

Now for the exciting news! There is a discount code for the half marathon!


Wahoo! Who doesn’t love a discount code? So quick go and register for this race! The code is only good through July 31! They also have a 5k (I don’t think the code applies to the 5k). I hope you are having a week full of wonderful training runs and that I’ll see you at the starting line in October!


go and be a light,



What are your fall racing plans?

Have you ever ran the Jazz Half?


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