Marathon Monday-Week 5!

Welcome to Week 5! I am happy to report that I made all 7 days of week 4! I am so happy and proud! Here is how the week went.

Week 4:

Monday: Cross Fit= Cross Fit

Tuesday: 2 miles= 2 miles

Wednesday: 3 miles=3 miles

Thursday: 1.5 miles= 1.5 miles

Friday: Cross Fit=Cross Fit

Saturday: 4 miles= 4 miles (Running at the beach will make you happy in your heart!)

Sunday: 40 minute walk=40 minute walk

Week 5 should look like this:

Monday: Cross Fit

Tuesday: 2 miles

Wednesday: 3 miles

Thursday: 2 miles

Friday: Cross Fit

Saturday: 3 miles (but we are going for 4 miles)

Sunday: 35 minute walk

Concerns about this week: I am a little crispy from the beach. So movements have been a little rough since Saturday afternoon. But I am so proud of finishing all of my workouts last week that I want to finish this week really strong.

Positives about this week: We have made it a solid month into training. It makes me so encouraged that we have come this far already. I know that doing a little each day can help us reach our goal of running a marathon. Also today I found out that I won a necklace from Oiselle runner, Rebecca Trachsel. I am so excited about winning this necklace. When I saw it a few months ago, well 8 months ago to be exact, I pinned it to my “wish list” on Pinterest. I can’t wait to wear this necklace through my training. I know it will help give me that little extra push. Plus, all the Oiselle ladies are super cool. Check them out here.

“Head up, Wings out.”

Get your own “Wings Out” PR Necklace here.


This beautiful necklace is made with love by Oiselle athlete Melissa Gacek. You can follow Melissa on Twitter.

go and be a light,


What are your running goals for this week?

When sunburn strikes how do you fight back? (I’ve been lathering myself in Burt’s Bees lotion.)


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