Trying it out Tuesday-NFL Run Series

Last year for my very first 5k my husband and I ran the Saints Back to Football 5k. This race is apart of the NFL Run Series. You can find out more about the NFL Run Series by following them on Twitter @NFLRunSeries and on Facebook.  You can also go to the official page to get all the information for the Saints race coming up on August 31st!

Adrian wanted to make sure that my first 5k was special! I was so excited to run this race! Not only do I love the NFL it was so special that this was an inaugural race!

Just hanging out in the dome

Here we are on the field after the race!

Participant Perks:

  • Start at Champions Square
  • Experience the thrill of NFL football when you finish on the 50-yard line
  • Receive a race shirt, a commemorative finisher’s medal and an NFL approved bag

Some of my favorite parts of the race were:

  • Starting the race in Champion Square
  • Seeing all of the race costumes. My favorite costumes was a group of women dressed as the replacement refs! They were so fun!
  • Finishing inside the dome and have our 40 timed!
  • Crossing the finish line and getting a high five from Gumbo (one of the Saints mascot)
  • Celebrating with Adrian after the race and enjoying our time on the field! It was so cool!

My feet are on the field!

My feet are on the field! I was so pumped!

This race is basically just a big celebration! It kicks-off football season, gives you a fun view of the city, and let’s you show your Saints pride! So now that you are all ready to run the race, you need to have some really fun items to wear while you rock out 3.1 miles in sunny NOLA!


For my race I was wearing Team Sparkle. They have tons of fun accessories to make racing run! Their skirts are light weight and don’t move much when you run. Plus, everyone knows that sparkle equals speed!

Team Sparkle-Gold

Gold Team Sparkle Skirt

Team Sparkle-Black

Black Team Sparkle Skirt

Team Sparkle-Gold Dot

Gold Dot Team Sparkle Skirt


TASC-Team Gleason

Team Gleason Tasc Tee

Also available in women’s here.


Black Pursue T Tasc

And well anything really from Fleurty Girl. But here are a few of my favorites!

Fleuty 1

Fleur de Football Fleurty Girl Tee

Fleurty 2

Krewe du Drew Fleurty Girl Tee

Hair accessories: 

Black & Gold

Black and Gold Sparkly Soul Headband

You can also buy this headband in thin, black (both widths), and gold (both widths). These headbands are great! Make sure to wear them close to the front of your hairline for the best results!

Sweaty Band

Fleur de lis Sweatyband


Saints Sock 2

New Orleans Saints Argile Sock

Leg Warmers

New Orleans Saints Leg Warmers

Well, that is all I have for now! I hope you have found something you will love to run in on August 31!

Go and be a light,


Do you dress up for races?

Have you ever ran in a Team Sparkle skirt? If so, what color?

Who is your favorite NFL team?


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