Marathon Monday-Week 1,000,000

To be honest I am not sure what week I am on in marathon training. I mainly just know that today is Monday and that I need to get in 3 miles. Last week went really well in training and I had some fun runs.

Sunday: 6 miles

Monday: 4 miles

Tuesday: 2 miles (run club)

Wednesday: rest

Thursday: rest

Friday: rest

Saturday: 3.1 miles (Tipitina’s Rhythm and Blues 5k)

Total: 15.1 miles

Saturday night we ran the Tipitina’s Rhythm and Blues 5k. We called it our “date night” since the race was a 5 pm! It was so much fun! There were live bands on the course and the food after the race was amazing. I may have to do a recap!


Adrian and I before the race!


After having a good week of training I am really looking forward to this week. I have several papers to write this week so I am hoping to balance everything well. This week we will be doing an outreach on Bourbon Street. We are doing a cupcake blitz! I am so excited. Please join me in praying for our time of ministry.

How was your training this past week?

Do you have a run/race you are looking forward to?

What is your favorite flavor cupcake?

go and be a light,





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