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Long time no see. Well, I am very happy to be back at Glitter On The Go today to tell you about a product that I have been testing out the ALL-OUT SUPPORT SPORTS BRA by Champion. My story starts where I feel like so many women’s starts, walking into a local running store trying to select a sports bra. For me I was ready to take the plunge and buy a good bra. When I walked into the store I was greeted by a small framed woman, and she asked if I needed any help. I told her that I would like help selecting a new sports bra. I was beaming-here was my time to get a rockstar bra that would not leave me chaffed or jiggly while running. Upon my request for help she looked down at her (smaller) chest and then at my (larger) chest and said she would be of no help to me since she had no boobs and I had boobs. Perfect, the whole reason I came in to the store that day had been for nothing. I mean who else was going to help me find a bra-the guys working there? Surely this lady no matter her frame does not run without a sports bra? But I will never know, because I have not been back to that store.

Fast forward several months and many miles later I saw a tweet from Champion Apparel regarding their sports bras. I tweeted them back as fast as I could letting them know I was in the market for a new bra, specifically one that did not chaff after 8 miles. They replied and asked if I would like to be a Boobfluencer for the ALL-OUT SUPPORT SPORTS BRA. Is that not the greatest name ever-Boobfluencer?! Of course I said yes! As a part of this campaign Champion sent me the ALL-OUT SUPPORT BRA, a top, and a pair of capris. I have not been compensated other than these items and all opinions are my own.


These are the items I received!


Here I am at City Park, New Orleans taking my gear out for a run!


This is what everything looks like from the rear 🙂

Allout support

Champion All-Out Support Wireless Sports Bra

Source  and Purchase Here.

Details about the bra:

  • Fabric mesh construction allows for maximum ventilation in the #1 hot zone
  • Racerback with padded hock and eye closure for easy on/off
  • Strategically placed laminated panels stretch and stabilize
  • Super-soft exposed elastic comfort band wicks moisture
  • Wide, cushioned, double layer straps anchor and support
  • Double Dry technology helps to keep you cool and dry
  • Two layers of outer cups doubles the support Non-stretch rigid lining controls movement
  • Tag Free!
  • For more information including Bra Registry and Care guide visit

How I felt emotionally about the bra:

  • True story I was a little intimated by the bra when it arrived. I have never worn a sports bra with so much construction and that had a hook and eye closure. Read: I have only really worn seamless sports bras for my whole life.
  • I got stuck in the bra. Again, all the bras I have ever work were basically elastic sling shots and so I did not think to adjust the straps prior to getting in the bra. Note: If you adjust the straps prior to placing it over your head you will be just fine 🙂
  • I went to the gym as soon as the gear arrived and tried everything out. I felt very confident in that there was no jiggling while I ran or did the elliptical.
  • After my initial workout in the bra I felt like it did a really good job of wicking away moisture. My bra was not heavy because of sweat and I did not chaff.
  • You may be thinking, “Well sure after 1 gym trip of course you are giving it glowing reviews!”  I have worn the bra several times since it came in the mail for various activities. Mainly I have worn it running, at the gym, or for a walk around my neighborhood. I have not dealt with chaff in this bra. I also really like that it keeps you feeling secure when it gets colder.
  • All in all I have really enjoyed this bra. I am looking forward to wearing it for a longer run to see how it holds up. Read: A run lasting more than 10 miles, is when, for me, bras most likely go south.
  • You can purchase the Champion ALL-OUT SUPPORT BRA here.

For this review I was also sent two other items that you may want to purchase:


Champion Double Dry® Absolute Workout Fitted  Women’s Knee Tights

Source and Purchase here.

Champion Vapor® PowerTrain Short Sleeve Women’s Tee

Source and Purchase here.
Both of these items I have really enjoyed as well. The first thing my husband said when I put on my complete outfit was how flattering everything looked. This of course made me feel so great! The knee pants are very smooth and the short sleeved Vapor tee is very cool when you wear it to work out. I also like how many colors the tee has available. In these items I received a 38C bra, XL top and L bottoms. I felt like they ran true to size. In regular clothing I wear a size 14 pants and large or x-large top. I would love to add more of these items to my running collection!

If you have any questions about the items being reviewed please let me know. I would love to share and help you with your running gear!

go and be a light,


Have you ever reviewed a sports bra? Which one, what did you think of the bra?

Do you wear Champion products? What are some items you enjoy from them?


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