RACE WEEK!!!!! Crescent Connection Bridge Run!!!


Race Week!!! What an exciting thing to prepare for! I honestly can’t believe how fast it got here! It seems like just yesterday one of my #BRF Char and I were talking about what to wear…oh wait that was yesterday! Nevermind!

To say that Char and I are excited about running in this race would be an understatement! We are probably two of the most excitable people God made and we are getting to do something we love together! It could only get better if we were at Disney World! (Hint Hint-husbands) Also, Char’s life-long dream is to go to Disney with her husband, Andrew-so everyone’s dreams would be coming true it would be amazing!!!!!

But, I digress. And even though this race won’t take us winding around Magic Kingdom we are no less excited to be running these four glorious miles together! The truth is the past few weeks for the both of us have been some of the most difficult times of our lives. And while we ultimately trust in Jesus for our hope and our future-We also welcome the distraction of planning for a race, race day outfits, and multiple needed trips to Target to prepare for the day!


1. Race day prep. 

Y’all I think we both about peed our pants when Larisa asked us to be “bloggers” for this race! Who? Us? We are just two silly girls who run around and giggle. But we are doing our best to get our “professional blogger” act together so that y’all can know what a great race this is and how much fun we are going to have running it-Despite the fact that the website says it starts with 1 mile uphill. Are we worried-no way! We just like to think of it as an adventure course where natives (of New Orleans) get to see what the terrain in other parts of the U.S. feel like. Count us in! We did contemplate our need for hiking boots given the up and down hill nature of a bridge, but ultimately passed on the idea because it would not go best with our “look”.  Which brings me to my next point.


Char and I with Larisa in February!

It was like meeting a celebrity! See how calm we look!

2. Race day outfits.

Of course major consideration has been given to what we will wear for this occasion. It kind of feels like a debutante ball for us. You know it being our first time to blog and run and all. Char and I are no stranger to matching. We feel it gives us a little something extra, dontcha think? (Cue Legally Blonde resume here)



But the question is. Do we run in our favorite matchy match outfits (shown above) or something else? Our options are as follows:

  • NOTC neon pink tank, black bottoms. With either neon green or pink Sparkly Soul headbands.
  • Criss-cross matching. Me in black top, pink bottom, and Char in pink top, black bottom. Both in neon pink Sparkly Soul headbands.
  • Or both in NEW neon orange (obviously monogrammed) tops, black bottoms, and Robin’s egg blue Sparkly Soul headbands (Disclaimer: Char ran in the new top today and I would run in mine tonight-so nothing new on race day)

3. Race day motivation.

Insert every motivational Pinterest pin here. But really we just want to celebrate! We are grateful for our friendship. Grateful to enjoy running. Grateful to get the opportunity to run in a new area of a city that has meant so much to the both of us. And at the end of that bridge we will be grateful for four more miles we were able to run together.

4. Anything else we should cover?

Oh yeah. It’s going to be super hot. Welcome to summer in NOLA. We love this city. But if we could we would just put on bathing suits and wear them until September.

So we will be hydrating properly in anticipation of Saturday. We will wear our sunscreen and prepare for a seriously fun afterparty! Only in NOLA do they feed you jambalaya for running! It’s amazing! And it means you don’t have to cook supper! It’s a win-win situation for everyone!

If you are running the race you can find out information here. If you have any questions about this race-check out their FAQ page here. And don’t forget about their Facebook page here.

Let me know if you will be at the race! Are you running a race this week? How are you celebrating National Running Day?

Go and be a light,


#‎ccbridgerun‬ ‪#‎ccbridgerunblogger‬

Disclaimer: I was provided with a free race entry to blog about this race. All opinions are my own. Thanks y’all.


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