Review-Saucony Guide 8’s #RunTheseSauconys


Adrian in yellow and me in blue.

This past week Adrian and I ran in the Saucony Guide 8’s as a part of a week-long #RunTheseSauconys test program at our local running store-Varsity Sports, New Orleans. This program was really neat in that we were able to get the shoes on Monday and return them the following Saturday. We were really excited to get a chance to run in a pair of Sauconys! Adrian is currently running in Asics 1000. and I am currently running in Brooks Glycerin 11.

The Saucony Guide 8’s are a light stability shoe.


A closer view of my shoe.

 Features of the Guide 8:


  • Even more flexible ride and seamless forefoot designed to maximize comfort and minimize weight
  • SRC Impact Zone now extends further into the midfoot, creating a full ground contact experience and an improved transition


  • Shoe Category: Guidance
  • Pronation: Mild
  • Cushion: Plush
  • Construction Type: Stability
  • Surface: Road, Track
  • Arch: Normal (Mid), Low
  • Water Resistant: No
  • Waterproof: No
  • Offset: 8mm
    • Heel Stack Height: 26mm
    • Forefoot Stack Height: 18mm




The underfoot feel and amount of impact protection provided by the compressing materials between the foot and running surface.


The level of pronation control built into the shoe. Pronation is the inward rolling of the ankle through the gait cycle.


The difference in height between the heel thickness and forefoot thickness of the shoe.

*Taken directly from the Saucony website.


Flat Leah for one of my test runs.

Where did we wear out shoes: We each ran in our shoes 3-5 times during the week. For the most part each run was 5 or less miles in the shoes. The shoes were worn on the track, road, and grass. These shoes were not tested in rain or on trails. Because these shoes will travel to be tested by another location, we tried to keep the shoes as clean as possible.


Our shoes in the morning sunlight. This gives you a better idea of the colors!


Adrian and I showing off our bright colors and local running club tanks!

What Adrian said about the shoes: Adrian was really excited to “test” out these shoes! At the time we were in our third week of training for the Chicago Marathon and having something “new” really added to our workouts! Adrian’s favorite aspect of the shoe was the cushion. From the first lace up, Adrian noted how comfortable the shoe felt. He also liked the elastic laces. They stayed tied during each run. Adrian’s least favorite aspect of the shoe was that it left him with blisters after the first run.

Note: Adrian received a size bigger than he normally wears in shoes to “test”. He is sure that if he would have been in the correct size, he did not think that blisters would have not been a problem.

What I said about the shoes: I was glad to run in these shoes. It really motivated me to get out to do my runs knowing that I would be in a “test” shoe. I had several people ask me my opinion about the shoe because they saw my posting via social media. My favorite aspect of the shoe was the supportive ankle area. My least favorite aspect of the shoe was that it was a little narrow for my feet. I have pretty wide feet. Once I worked with the laces I was able to loosen the shoe up to make it more comfortable for running. However, I think that this aspect of the shoe would keep me from purchasing this particular model.


Last run in my shoes. Don’t my new seafoam SWIFTWICK socks look nice with the Saucony’s?

Final thoughts: I would always recommend getting fitted for shoes at a local running store. They are trained to know what type of shoe is best for you and for your needs. I have never worn Sauconys for running before this week! I enjoyed running in this shoe. I felt like it was a very supportive and comfortable shoe. This shoe model only comes in a medium width and so this particular model may not be the best fit for me, as I have wider feet.

Be sure to check to see if your local running store is hosting a week-long test run! Purchase the Saucony Guide 8 for men here and for women here.

Go and be a light,


Do you run in Saucony?

Have you ever participated in a shoe “test run”? Was it for a day or a week? Did you like being able to test it out?

What other Saucony products should we try? I’ve got my eye on the Bullet Capris-Thanks to the recommendation of Another Mother Runner.

*Disclaimer-Adrian and I were not provided with any compensation for “testing” out these shoes. We merely ran in them for a week in order to give our honest options about these shoes.


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