IMG_4932 (1)My name is Leah. I am a new (ish) runner and lover of all things sparkly & bright!You can read more about my running journey here. I have an undergrad in Fashion and am currently in grad school in New Orleans. I am married to Adrian.  This year we both turn 30 and celebrate our five year wedding anniversary! Follow me as I try to brighten the world through running, living, and loving!

Things I’d like to chat about:

  • newbie running adventures
  • reviews of gear
  • weekly running/training/race recaps
  • fashion
  • faith
  • I serve with a ministry called Inward. So you may see me mention it from time to time on Twitter. The purpose of this ministry is to share the hope of Jesus with women in the sex industry. The main way we do this is through outreach on Bourbon Street meeting ladies in strip clubs. If you have questions I am happy to answer them.
  • general awesomeness
  • & of course the NFL Draft. I love the Draft. My dream job would be to dress the players that go in the first round. The draft is one of my favorite times of year. Look for my picks, outfits, and trade conspiracies.

go and be a light,



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