Happy Cinco de Mayo!


Hey Y’all I hope you are having a great day! I know I am excited about fish tacos and homemade salsa tonight! I bet you are gearing up for a wonderful meal to celebrate Cinco de Mayo as well!

I wanted to let you know about a race coming up in New Orleans-Crescent Connection Bridge Run! This race is a part of the Crescent City Classic family of races! There are five races ran through out the year- with the most recent race being the Crescent City Classic, often referred to as “The Classic”.

a l

Adrian and I at “The Classic”


Jenee, Beth and I at the start of “The Classic”

One of my best running friends, Charlotte and I are running the Crescent Connection Bridge Run together and we would love to have you come and run with us! We are both really excited to be running this sunset race! The race is at 7 pm on Saturday, June 6th. You still have plenty of time to get ready to run the race! You can use their training plan here– the plan is geared at both runners and walkers.

Bonus: You can save $5.00 on your registration by using the code “bridgerun” when you sign up! The race fee is currently $30.00. You will get a shirt and of course an awesome post race experience! The code for $5.00 is only good through May 10th-so quick go and sign up now!

See you on the bridge,


Have you ever ran a bridge run?

What do you like best about the post race party?

Do you have a go-to salsa/guac. recipe?

Disclaimer: I was given a free race entry to blog and share about the race via social media. All opinions are my own. But you know me-I love running in Nola!

@SparklySoulInc #sparklyTUESDAY #GIVEAWAY


(Original Post)

This past fall I was asked to become a Sparkly Soul Ambassador! If you follow me on any social media you know about my great love for Sparkly Soul Inc. I am so grateful to represent this company! Last night I posted the above photo with the below instructions! These  Sparkly Soul Inc. headbands have no piece of black plastic in the back and are guaranteed to fit every head shape! I love wearing my Sparkly Soul headbands all the time-work, running, date night, etc.) And, Sparkly Soul is the perfect accessory to help you stay #Sparkly while catching beads or the ever coveted Muses shoe at Mardi Gras! 
Be sure to read about all the ways you can enter to win Sparkly Soul Inc
“So excited to be hosting my first @sparklysoulinc #giveaway Since I live in #NewOrleans I wanted to host a #MardiGras themed giveaway! Enter today 2/1/15-Mardi Gras day 2/17/15 at 11:59 pm! 
To enter 1. Follow @sparklysoulinc and @leahbfrazier for extra entries. Let me know below that you did this! :) 
2. #regram this image using the hashtag #sparklyTUESDAY
3. Post below your favorite thing/parade/throw at Mardi Gras.
4. Not from Mobile or Nola and not sure what to love about Mardi Gras-just post what your favorite holiday is.
Now to the fun part- 2 people will win their choice of a thin or wide 3 pack (purple, gold, green) @sparklysoulinc headbands! The perfect 3 pack to help you celebrate #MardiGras all year long!
Let me know if you have any questions! Make sure to use #sparklyTUESDAY when you post so I can track your entries!
XO, Leah”



*Please note that this is the source for the above photo to show the two, three packs that will be given away with this #sparklyTUESDAY giveaway! The original post from @SparklySoulInc is for a different giveaway that has previously ended.

This giveaway will be going on 2/1/15 through 2/17/15! The main post for this giveaway will take place on Instagram. However, I will be tracking the hashtag #sparklyTUESDAY on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter during the contest period.

Go and be a light,


Five things Friday..sorry it’s been so long


I am so sorry that it has been so long since I have posted. To say that 2014 sent me for a loop would be the understatement of my life! There are so many things that took place in mine and my family’s life this past Spring and Summer. Some of them I will choose to share and some I will keep private. But for now I hope to be back to posting twice a week. I love Five things Friday, so I will do my welcome back post with this!

1. Rock N Roll New Orleans is this weekend! I am so excited about this event! This year the race added a new 10k distance! Also, it was just announced that there would be a #RnRTWEETUP at Cafe du Monde on Saturday morning at 10:30 am! After the tweetup everyone will walk over to the expo! I am not sure if I will be able to attend the tweetup-but I hope to at least see some social media friends at the expo!



My husband and I considered running the new 10k (Have you seen the bling? So cute) But instead we opted to volunteer with our local Track Club! Be looking for Adrian and me at the 1st water station with the New Orleans Track Club! We will be there smiling, hydrating, and cheering you on to victory!

2. We are trying a food box service. Have you ever done this before? We are using a service in the city called Good Eggs. Good Eggs is based out of San Francisco Bay area, but has locations in LA, Brooklyn and New Orleans. If you live within a certain radius they will deliver to your home for a minimum of $30 purchase. We live just outside the radius and so we are picking up our box at their store this Saturday. We are really excited to try this new option for food and hope that it will help us meal plan. The best part is that it helps us to buy local and support farmers and growers in our area.

3. I am back in school. In May I completed my Master’s of Divinity degree. However, due to some things that came up this Spring we needed to stay in New Orleans longer. So I am now enrolled in a graduate certificate program for Women’s Ministry. I feel like this degree will serve me well as I seek to learn more about ministering to women. This school year I am working full-time and taking classes full-time.

4. I am currently training for the Seaside School half marathon. My good friend, Beth, and I are really excited to run this race! At the finish line you get a Vera Bradley tote bag and a medal! We are using the hashtag #willrunforvera during our training! Feel free to follow us along at @leahbfrazier (instagram, twitter) @bebrowning (instagram). Please let us know if you will be at the race! We would love to meet up!


The photo above is from our first day of training for #willrunforvera The photo below is from last March where we ran RnR Dallas with our friend, Cari. We loved that race experience so much that we may just make a Spring girls’ race an annual tradition!


5. Mardi Gras season and a giveaway. That’s right, you are hearing it here first! I will be hosting a Mardi Gras giveaway! You will want to stay tuned to my Instagram account for more details (@leahbfrazier) I am really excited about this giveaway! Hint: it will be sparkly…and you will all want to win it!

I hope y’all have enjoyed this Five things Friday. I am glad to be (hopefully) back to blogging! Let me know what’s new with you and if you would like, you can answer my questions below!

What are you doing this weekend? Are you racing, traveling, etc.?

Have you ever used a food delivery service? How do you “buy local” in your area?

What are you currently training for? Do you have any other (non-running) goals for 2015?

Are you excited about my giveaway? What do you think it could be?

Go and be a light,



Hey Y’all

Long time no see. Well, I am very happy to be back at Glitter On The Go today to tell you about a product that I have been testing out the ALL-OUT SUPPORT SPORTS BRA by Champion. My story starts where I feel like so many women’s starts, walking into a local running store trying to select a sports bra. For me I was ready to take the plunge and buy a good bra. When I walked into the store I was greeted by a small framed woman, and she asked if I needed any help. I told her that I would like help selecting a new sports bra. I was beaming-here was my time to get a rockstar bra that would not leave me chaffed or jiggly while running. Upon my request for help she looked down at her (smaller) chest and then at my (larger) chest and said she would be of no help to me since she had no boobs and I had boobs. Perfect, the whole reason I came in to the store that day had been for nothing. I mean who else was going to help me find a bra-the guys working there? Surely this lady no matter her frame does not run without a sports bra? But I will never know, because I have not been back to that store.

Fast forward several months and many miles later I saw a tweet from Champion Apparel regarding their sports bras. I tweeted them back as fast as I could letting them know I was in the market for a new bra, specifically one that did not chaff after 8 miles. They replied and asked if I would like to be a Boobfluencer for the ALL-OUT SUPPORT SPORTS BRA. Is that not the greatest name ever-Boobfluencer?! Of course I said yes! As a part of this campaign Champion sent me the ALL-OUT SUPPORT BRA, a top, and a pair of capris. I have not been compensated other than these items and all opinions are my own.


These are the items I received!


Here I am at City Park, New Orleans taking my gear out for a run!


This is what everything looks like from the rear :)

Allout support

Champion All-Out Support Wireless Sports Bra

Source  and Purchase Here.

Details about the bra:

  • Fabric mesh construction allows for maximum ventilation in the #1 hot zone
  • Racerback with padded hock and eye closure for easy on/off
  • Strategically placed laminated panels stretch and stabilize
  • Super-soft exposed elastic comfort band wicks moisture
  • Wide, cushioned, double layer straps anchor and support
  • Double Dry technology helps to keep you cool and dry
  • Two layers of outer cups doubles the support Non-stretch rigid lining controls movement
  • Tag Free!
  • For more information including Bra Registry and Care guide visit ChampionSportsBras.com

How I felt emotionally about the bra:

  • True story I was a little intimated by the bra when it arrived. I have never worn a sports bra with so much construction and that had a hook and eye closure. Read: I have only really worn seamless sports bras for my whole life.
  • I got stuck in the bra. Again, all the bras I have ever work were basically elastic sling shots and so I did not think to adjust the straps prior to getting in the bra. Note: If you adjust the straps prior to placing it over your head you will be just fine :)
  • I went to the gym as soon as the gear arrived and tried everything out. I felt very confident in that there was no jiggling while I ran or did the elliptical.
  • After my initial workout in the bra I felt like it did a really good job of wicking away moisture. My bra was not heavy because of sweat and I did not chaff.
  • You may be thinking, “Well sure after 1 gym trip of course you are giving it glowing reviews!”  I have worn the bra several times since it came in the mail for various activities. Mainly I have worn it running, at the gym, or for a walk around my neighborhood. I have not dealt with chaff in this bra. I also really like that it keeps you feeling secure when it gets colder.
  • All in all I have really enjoyed this bra. I am looking forward to wearing it for a longer run to see how it holds up. Read: A run lasting more than 10 miles, is when, for me, bras most likely go south.
  • You can purchase the Champion ALL-OUT SUPPORT BRA here.

For this review I was also sent two other items that you may want to purchase:


Champion Double Dry® Absolute Workout Fitted  Women’s Knee Tights

Source and Purchase here.

Champion Vapor® PowerTrain Short Sleeve Women’s Tee

Source and Purchase here.
Both of these items I have really enjoyed as well. The first thing my husband said when I put on my complete outfit was how flattering everything looked. This of course made me feel so great! The knee pants are very smooth and the short sleeved Vapor tee is very cool when you wear it to work out. I also like how many colors the tee has available. In these items I received a 38C bra, XL top and L bottoms. I felt like they ran true to size. In regular clothing I wear a size 14 pants and large or x-large top. I would love to add more of these items to my running collection!

If you have any questions about the items being reviewed please let me know. I would love to share and help you with your running gear!

go and be a light,


Have you ever reviewed a sports bra? Which one, what did you think of the bra?

Do you wear Champion products? What are some items you enjoy from them?

Marathon Monday-Week 1,000,000

To be honest I am not sure what week I am on in marathon training. I mainly just know that today is Monday and that I need to get in 3 miles. Last week went really well in training and I had some fun runs.

Sunday: 6 miles

Monday: 4 miles

Tuesday: 2 miles (run club)

Wednesday: rest

Thursday: rest

Friday: rest

Saturday: 3.1 miles (Tipitina’s Rhythm and Blues 5k)

Total: 15.1 miles

Saturday night we ran the Tipitina’s Rhythm and Blues 5k. We called it our “date night” since the race was a 5 pm! It was so much fun! There were live bands on the course and the food after the race was amazing. I may have to do a recap!


Adrian and I before the race!


After having a good week of training I am really looking forward to this week. I have several papers to write this week so I am hoping to balance everything well. This week we will be doing an outreach on Bourbon Street. We are doing a cupcake blitz! I am so excited. Please join me in praying for our time of ministry.

How was your training this past week?

Do you have a run/race you are looking forward to?

What is your favorite flavor cupcake?

go and be a light,




Brain Dump.

Y’all! FEAR NOT! I am still training for my marathon. Training is going okay. I wish I could tell you that it is going stellar and I am rocking every run. But I am trying a few things out to get me geared up again.

1. I am listening to podcasts during my run. Right now I listen mainly to Another Mother Runner podcast. They are so fun and clever. Plus you just feel more hardcore when you are running and listening to Lauren Fleshman or Kara Goucher. I know I am not a mom-so I kind of feel weird listening-but I am a women and they talk about things that all women go through, so that makes me feel okay about it.

2. I set my wake up alarm to music. I am not sure where I saw this little tidbit of advice but I love it! So now I am waking up to “We Built This City“! It makes me feel like I can conquer the world or clean an old theater up in less than 3 minutes! Thank you Muppet’s Soundtrack!

3. We signed up for a race! Adrian won a free race entry and so Monday afternoon we went by Varsity Running so I could get signed up. And bonus I got a free Varsity Sports race singlet for signing up in the shop! I am stoked! Now if I can just convince A to wear a costume for the race. It’s a “music themed race” so I want us to dress up as crazy choir members and run in choir robes and carry hymnals. So far he is not feeling it.

4. I finally (at week 12) put all of my training runs in my calendar. Wahoo! Hoping that having them right in front of me will get me mentally ready for the next days work.

I feel like there were other things I was going to tell you-but I guess that’s it for now!

go and be a light,


Do you listen to podcasts? If so which ones?

What helps you get up and at ’em in the morning for your run?

What are you doing today that makes your heart happy?

I’m going to Panera tonight to celebrate two friend’s birthdays! Two things I love, bread bowls and friendship. This will be so fun! 

9/11 and today.

September 11, 2001. I was sitting in freshman math at the University of North Alabama. A classmate came into class and said that there was a plane crash. My professor with his thick ’80s glasses and long greasy hair ignored the student and we went on with class.

My dad had planned to visit me that day. He was driving the 2.5 hours from Tuscaloosa, AL to Florence, AL just to spend the day with me. I called him after class and we went to my dorm room. We sat and watched the news. Over and over again they showed the planes crashing. I was so confused and so sad. Daddy just sat there with me and we prayed. I am so grateful my dad came to visit me that day. Having him with me helped me to feel more safe and gave me peace.

Twelve years later and this day still just makes your heart hurt. You wake up and feel confused and sad. I think about how the world was after that day.

Things we did good after 9/11:

  • We listened to others stories. We gave value to their life and to the role they played in this world. This Vanity Fair issue is an example of this. 
  • We valued service men and women. We thanked them for their bravery and their tenacity. We bought their meals and shook their hands.
  • We prayed for our country and our leaders. We knew we needed to healed and that we needed hope. Hope that can only come from Jesus.
  • We began to move on. Not in a way that took away meaning from what happened to our country, but in a way that honored America.
  •  We are still remembering 9/11. When big things happen in our life we need to process them. I think it’s healthy to go back and think on that day. I also think it’s healthy to have people walk through big things in our life with us. Maybe 9/11 did not affect us all in the same way. But maybe you have been through something that has affected you and you are trying to deal with it alone. My advice is that you seek wise counsel.

This week my husband and I were talking about everything going on in the world, especially Syria. My heart is so sad and broken for Syria. And how it can be easy to live in so much fear. In the last few weeks in New Orleans we have had two children killed on our streets. It can honestly make you not want to go outside. Thinking on 9/11 can bring back some of that fear. But what Adrian and I decided is that we can’t live in this overwhelming sense of fear. So instead we signed up for a race. It’s just a local 5k at the end of the month. But we signed up for it because we want to have something to look forward to, we want to have something to work at, and we want to go on living our life. If we allow fear to consume us, we would stop running, we would stop telling others about Jesus, and we would just lock ourselves inside until it’s all said and done. But it is so important that we get outside, that we tell others about Jesus, and that we live life.

So today I want to encourage you with this tweet I saw from the Carousel of Progress at WDW:

“Hug someone. Live life. Smile. Go outdoors. Take time to reflect and never forget. Learn from the past to help make a better tomorrow.”

go and be a light,


Trying it out Tuesday-NFL Run Series

Last year for my very first 5k my husband and I ran the Saints Back to Football 5k. This race is apart of the NFL Run Series. You can find out more about the NFL Run Series by following them on Twitter @NFLRunSeries and on Facebook.  You can also go to the official page to get all the information for the Saints race coming up on August 31st!

Adrian wanted to make sure that my first 5k was special! I was so excited to run this race! Not only do I love the NFL it was so special that this was an inaugural race!

Just hanging out in the dome

Here we are on the field after the race!

Participant Perks:

  • Start at Champions Square
  • Experience the thrill of NFL football when you finish on the 50-yard line
  • Receive a race shirt, a commemorative finisher’s medal and an NFL approved bag

Some of my favorite parts of the race were:

  • Starting the race in Champion Square
  • Seeing all of the race costumes. My favorite costumes was a group of women dressed as the replacement refs! They were so fun!
  • Finishing inside the dome and have our 40 timed!
  • Crossing the finish line and getting a high five from Gumbo (one of the Saints mascot)
  • Celebrating with Adrian after the race and enjoying our time on the field! It was so cool!

My feet are on the field!

My feet are on the field! I was so pumped!

This race is basically just a big celebration! It kicks-off football season, gives you a fun view of the city, and let’s you show your Saints pride! So now that you are all ready to run the race, you need to have some really fun items to wear while you rock out 3.1 miles in sunny NOLA!


For my race I was wearing Team Sparkle. They have tons of fun accessories to make racing run! Their skirts are light weight and don’t move much when you run. Plus, everyone knows that sparkle equals speed!

Team Sparkle-Gold

Gold Team Sparkle Skirt

Team Sparkle-Black

Black Team Sparkle Skirt

Team Sparkle-Gold Dot

Gold Dot Team Sparkle Skirt


TASC-Team Gleason

Team Gleason Tasc Tee

Also available in women’s here.


Black Pursue T Tasc

And well anything really from Fleurty Girl. But here are a few of my favorites!

Fleuty 1

Fleur de Football Fleurty Girl Tee

Fleurty 2

Krewe du Drew Fleurty Girl Tee

Hair accessories: 

Black & Gold

Black and Gold Sparkly Soul Headband

You can also buy this headband in thin, black (both widths), and gold (both widths). These headbands are great! Make sure to wear them close to the front of your hairline for the best results!

Sweaty Band

Fleur de lis Sweatyband


Saints Sock 2

New Orleans Saints Argile Sock

Leg Warmers

New Orleans Saints Leg Warmers

Well, that is all I have for now! I hope you have found something you will love to run in on August 31!

Go and be a light,


Do you dress up for races?

Have you ever ran in a Team Sparkle skirt? If so, what color?

Who is your favorite NFL team?

Marathon Monday-Week 5, 6, & 7!

Y’all I am so behind on my posts! So sorry about that! The good news is that while I may not have been writing down my workouts in blogworld. I have been making my workouts.  So without further adieu here are my workouts from the past few weeks!

Week 5:

Monday: nothing

Tuesday: nope

Wednesday: nada

Thursday: zip

Friday: you guessed it-nothing

Saturday: 4 mile run

Sunday: 40 minute walk

Diclaimer: I know that this looks bad. But true story I did begin my new job this week. I also trained a new girl at my old job. Plus, this was my last week of my online summer class Hebrew. So it was a pretty hectic week. Either way I will not be discouraged. There are still so many more weeks to go and so I am going to keep my chin up!


Week 6:

Monday: rest day

Tuesday: 2 mile run

Wednesday: NOTC Summer Run Series 2 miles-PR

Thursday: rest day

Friday: 3 mile walk

Saturday: 5 mile run

Sunday:  37 minute walk

This week was a really good week. We were under a heat advisory for most of the week. The key to this week was hydrating a getting up early to run. The 5 miler this week was one of my longest runs since March. It was a really fun run.

Week 7:

Monday: Cross Fit (am)/Zumba (pm)

Tuesday: 2 mile walk

Wednesday: 2 miles walk

Thursday: rest day

Friday: Cross Fit

Saturday: 4. 5 mile run

Sunday: rest day

So maybe doing Cross Fit and Zumba on Monday was a little ambitious. But I had so much fun at both of them. It left me a little sore until Wednesday. But overall this week was fun.

I hope you are all getting excited about your fall races coming up! Let me know how your training is going!

go and be a light,


Wednesday Wonderful


This was on my friend Megan’s facebook page today. She is a hairstylist, runner, and all-around fun gal. I thought it was too cute not to share!

I hope you are enjoying showing up for your very own life!

Go and be a light,